Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Prof Dr Muhaya & Fazura


Two weeks before this seminar, I called my beloved childhood friend, Atiyah, just to catch up things between us. Sambil sembang2 Tia ajak Neyna dtg seminar which her company, organized. 
It was called: Seminar Bahagia Membahagiakan by Prof Dr Muhaya. 

Cara Tia ajak mmg berkesanlah, Neyna u must come,I will give u VIP seat tau! hahaha  

25.11.2012: At first before going there, I felt so lazy ( I think the devils must influence me with all sort of excuses )... Perkara negetive dlm fikiran was, larat ke neyna 9am-6pm ni cos I am the type yang xsuka pegi seminar or kelas or kuliah masa study dulu2 hihihi 

But I kuatkan hati and went there simply becos nak dgr Prof Dr Muhaya or I called her aunty Muhaya's talk. 

I arrived when they had started the seminar. Nasib baik seat depan sekali still ada kosong besides Imam Muda ( I forgot which season ) and wife. Dahla depan videographer, ok must control ayu then. Few minutes later, Aniah ( Prof Dr Muhaya's eldest daughter ) came and also the TV Alhijrah team. 

From the moment I sat down, neyna sgt sgt sgt 1000x focus to aunty Muhaya. woww aura dia best. If I want to share intipati seminar in this post, mmg tak abis. So the best thing is, later uols can buy their dvd or go to this kind of seminar next year. 

Before lunchtime, Aunty Muhaya also launched her hijab collection, model by Fazura the lovely actress called modest couture which is solat ready. Means if pakai pakaian yg menutup aurat and wearing this hijab, uols boleh terus solat. Boleh shopping online at ( I hope they already launch their website by now. Aritu Atiyah kata xsempat, so many things to do before the seminar )

Cantikkan Fazura berhijab? InsyaAllah doakan la Faz pun sama2 terbuka hati mcm neyna hihi 

At 11am, we all had tea break for 20 minutes and before lunchtime Hafiz Hamidon nyanyikan zikir and continued break at 1pm. Suara dia mmg sgt best. After solat, neyna join Aniah and Fazura lunch sama2 in VIP room. Continue seminar session at 2pm, Amin Idris host the session with aunty Muhaya and Irma Hasmi the actress also came. So time ni dgr experience Irma Hasmi mcmana terbuka hati utk berhijab. 

Sat besides K.Nora Senior Producer from TV Alhijrah, she mentioned that she's searching for english host so anyone yg berminat bolehla apply. hehehe neyna pulak xde talent nak jadi host 


I must say Thanks A Lot my dear Atiyah! I hope one day u will be like ur mum, inspire others!!

I love u Atiyah!

 Masa nak balik, bumped into my senior exschoolmate, K.Eleanor. So cepat2 berposing sbb xtahu bila lagi dapat jumpa kan. Nowadays friendship mostly through cyber world je, nak hangout with everyone mmg xsempat. 

For VIP guests, we all dapat two books by aunty Muhaya. For those yang xdpt, buku2 ni ada dijual di kedai2 so uols can go and buy one, seriously worth it! 

At 6pm, ehhh sekejap je dah abis seminar?? OMG rasa mcm kejap je masa berjalan! Nanti neyna share positive things neyna dapat from this seminar.... to be continued!

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